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So how did I go from depressed, anxious and angry, to feeling like I was finally moving in a direction that felt so right? And what did developing a growth mindset have to do with it?

When you start to develop a growth mindset, it can feel a bit like nitpicking at yourself. Constantly reminding yourself to silence the monster. I felt like I there was something wrong with me. Surely it wasn’t normal to have to tell yourself that many times a day to stop doing something, or to fight the habitual shit you had been doing for so long, so damn hard.

For me the realization that change was happening was small at first. I wasn’t having to use the 5 second rule to get my backside out of bed every morning. I wasn’t so mentally bogged down with negative self talk anymore. I wasn’t spending most of my day ruminating about small things.

I was making lists and getting through my day with far less carry over than before. I was watching less TV, my eating habits were better, and I was moving closer to my goals day by day. I felt more in control of myself. I felt like I was accomplishing more. I felt more positive, more confident in my own ability. Most notable, I was hungry for more.

Once you start to develop from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, you start to accept responsibility for how you feel and what is happening in your life day to day. By taking accountability for yourself and your actions, your priorities start to shift. What is important to you, gets done, and by deciding what is important to you you start to quickly filter out what isn’t. Simply put, you stop making excuses real quick when you decide to take responsibility for what your life looks like.

For me this changed certain relationships because I wasn’t looking for anyones approval anymore. How I felt about what I was doing was, by far, more important than any of the opinions I had been shackled to. I started to develop new habits, habits that got me closer to where I wanted to be and further away from the voice in my head that had spent years holding me hostage with guilt and fear and shame.

The reality is that the trajectory to big change can come from making one small decision, in my case, putting all of my effort into changing the way I thought on a minute to minute basis. Over time the effort became a habit and the habit became the way of life.

Here is a list of other ways you could benefit from changing the way you think:

  • You’ll start to see single events as just that.
  • You’ll enjoy learning new concepts more because you’ll be less focussed on the idea of failure.
  • You will be better at taking responsibility for events in your own life.
  • You will lower your risk of depression.
  • You will start to develop quality relationships with people around you.
  • You’ll quickly rid yourself of the need for approval, because growth will be more valuable than perfection.
  • Your focus will be about constant improvement versus success.
  • You’ll be able to access more inspiration than before.
  • You’ll be far more resilient when it comes to criticism
  • Most importantly, you will feel an exceptionally powerful level of fulfilment from your day to day life!

Here’s an extra resource to take a look at:
12 Advantages of a Growth Mindset

The most important thing I want you to take away from a growth mindset is that it is essentially a constant commitment to self improvement. That means to lose the idea that you have to perfect it. It is more important that you recognize fixed thinking and challenge it, than to think that there is some level of growth that means you never have to reflect on an event and consider it from a different perspective. Self-development, changing your mindset and many personal development concepts and techniques rely on your ability to see failure at any given level as an opportunity for growth!

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